Your Quarters Worth: The Cut (A Nerd’s Journey of Reduction)

This week’s article I wrote for 5280 Geek is about my journey of reducing the amount of stuff in my life. It is part of my ongoing column: Your Quarters Worth.

I hope it inspires others on their own journey towards minimalism. So many of us today have way too much in our lives. We don’t even realize how it affects us psychologically and emotionally.

It was a lot of fun to write, but also a lot of work. I plan to make it an ongoing series. I’d love to here what you think about it as well. Feel free to comment below or on the 5280 Geek page.



How to Write a Proper Short Story Cover Letter

I thought this was helpful read.

I did not write it, but I think it’s valuable, so I wanted to share it with the writing community.

It’s by Alex Shvartsman

How to Write a Proper Short Story Cover Letter

Geek Resolutions for 2019 & Beyond

I wrote some Geek Resolutions for the New Year and it was published on

If you want some inspiration for stepping your geek game up in 2019. I think you’ll find some great suggestions here.


Endings & Beginnings: Goodbye 2018. Happy New Year 2019!

Happy New Year from Failing Upwards Blog.
I’ve done a lot of growing and changing over the last year on a quest to better myself and become the person I want to be.

This article is a short recap of the past year and lays out my plans for 2019.
It will only take a minute to read. I hope you enjoy it and it inspires some reflection, planning, and growth on your on part.

This link will take you to my website to read Endings & Beginnings

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The Wanderer: Return to the Library

This week’s The Wanderer column on 5280 Geek is about rediscovering the library.

It is a journey into overcoming preconceived and false notions. It’s also about being a nerd.


Don’t forget to comment and share. The content is always free and the best praise I can receive is your engagement.

#theWanderer Denver National Chinese Martial Arts Championship 2018

Please check out my most recent piece on about the 2018 Denver National Chinese Martial Arts Championship.

via The Wanderer

I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed witnessing and writing about it.

I would love your comments and thoughts. Please feel free to engage as well.

10 Reasons To Start Looking At Networking Positively: Redux

Originally published on June 24th, 2018 on Failing Upwards. This was written when I was very green to blogging.

I’ve reworked both the grammar and added images for Please check it out and let me know what you think.

I’m grateful you’re in my network!

10 Reasons To Start Looking At Networking Positively